So, you want to party?

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I'm not trying to bring anybody down or anything here. I'm just thinking I might give some young buck a little new perspective or...something.

It started out innocently enough. A few beers on the weekend. Turned into several beers every Friday and Saturday every weekend. Turned into puking into an Easter Basket to be thrown at the neighbors house moments before I passed out face first into said Easter Basket. The thing I remember most about that incident is my friends laughter. It seemed jovial and fun. But as the years passed the memory has turned into my friends sadly laughing at me not with me.

On it went into my twenties. Into my thirties. Into my, well ya know. I could tell many many stories to support my notion of a real life alcoholic. It took me a long time to learn. Maybe because I didn't grow up around booze. My parents didn't drink. There was no drunk uncle or neighbor hanging around to set a bad example. I grew up very sheltered and safe. Some kind of irony here, yeah I really do think.

I really can't write too long on this topic now though. I get a bad feeling about it. Good for me!

But what I will include is the night in the ER. My bac (blood alcohol content) was .42. That's real high. And I remember it. I wasn't passed out. I hardly felt buzzed. It was four or so in the afternoon as I got settled into my hospital bed. One of the nightmares of detox is the inability to sleep. Try as you may, it's just not easy. I did start to feel tired though before sunrise. Or so I thought. I felt something. But the next thing that happened was two nurse guys picking me up off of the floor. Fallen out of my bed, they told me I had had a seizure. My back killed like no other, bump on my head. And a large chunk of my tongue was gone. I had bitten it off. So much for a nice guided detox at Saint Mary's. They discharged me in the morning and I was, one step forward two steps back maybe? I don't know, it hadn't worked out like I thought. No magic cure. No sober tooth (tongue) ferry showed up to save me. I stopped at the store, went home and continued.

That was actually one of the last times. I did quit drinking a few months later. I just made it past four years:)


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