Do you have any secrets? Sure, we all do. But what about that one thing you rarely even think about? A memory of something so deep and so secret that the mere tiniest thought of it brings discomfort. Will it make you a bigger person if you just finally get it out there? Or is it in that place where no one dare tread, ever. Are there such secrets or am I the only one? Maybe it's the key to your unlocking the pain you have carried all through your life. Or maybe you address it and nothing changes. The pain stays. Google it. Maybe it's not so uncommon. There may be others who had the same thing happen to them, in their life. Or maybe not...

I'm a guarded person to begin with. I like to think I'm not but I am. I let it down a few times here and there. I couldn't handle the influx of things coming at me. So I went back in hiding. How do people do it? Just let life happen so wildly around them? I couldn't do it for more than one maybe two minutes.

That's all I'm saying for now. I have some things to figure out.

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