• Ronald Whitemyer Jr.


I’m really thinking I need a haircut. But even when they open back up, I don’t know if I want to get that close. I mean, I freaked out at the grocery store today. I was looking for some hot mustard. There’s an employee, doing their work minding their business. Then there’s customers coming from both ends. And they literally all stopped in the vicinity of my little space. Mustard must be popular. So I said out loud “there’s too many people around here“. I can do without. Seriously, nobody wants or needs to get sick. It’s easy to stroll around without a care like your immune. But you’re not! I’m not saying I think you or me or anyone is going to die from Covid. But that is some BAD sick. Just please let us be careful. Wear a mask, I do. I’m ranting here, no life lol.



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