Foo Friday

Foo Fighters have a new album out on Friday. I'm going to listen to it. It will be the first time since the first album that I really give them a chance. The first album was great. But then they became so far removed from where they started that it was not interesting to me. Middle of the road radio swill. It's done them well. But gone was the pain and substance that would have made Cobain proud. Having lived through Nirvana was all over the debut. Some of that material would have ended up on the next Nirvana album, I believe. Dave Grohl crawled out of hell though and constructed a career to feed his family and send them to college.

I don't expect anything different with this new one. But maybe it's time to get happy and support one of the few big bands we still have left. I'll see you at the record store later this week...

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