First Collaboration

The first song that I ever recorded in a studio was called “Can I Love You”. It turned out great. But not exactly as I had initially had in mind. But what did I know? I had never been in a studio before. My singer Dan had always had a little bit of uneasiness with this particular song. I thought maybe he didn’t like the song. Turns out he just didn’t feel comfortable when it came to singing

the chorus. It was too high for his voice. That’s when Dave the producer asked him to try singing it in a spot where he felt comfortable. Without my guitar, just his voice. Dave immediately recognized the key, put a capo on the guitar, and the problem was solved. We finished the track that afternoon and everyone was happy.

If it hadn’t happened like that, we would have continued struggling with that song. And we certainly would not have had any kind of success with it. So just remember that the producer is your friend. He’s your pinch hitter. And he’s your collaborator.


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