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With a different catchy alternative insane sound and a cool rhythmic bongo vibe we present the ‘Zappa’ esque ‘Whitemyer’ and his incredible alternative primal scream on ‘Miss Little Roundabout’

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Life = Something Very hard To Do.

I have not talked about this. Life has been very difficult. I'm not talking about lately or due to recent this or that. Just simply difficult. I have never been on the street starving. I have never ha

So, you want to party?

I'm not trying to bring anybody down or anything here. I'm just thinking I might give some young buck a little new perspective or...something. It started out innocently enough. A few beers on the week

Eddie VanHalen

The first band I ever played in when I was 14, we covered “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love” by VanHalen. There is some precise picking involved. The single notes of that a minor chord. I still practice that so

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