Hmm, I have for the most part lived in the same place most of my life. I moved from one part of the state to another in 1996. About an hour and a half drive. Lately, I have been thinking about moving somewhere else. Another part of the country. Why? Why not. I could do the things that I do here; make music, videos and exist. Have you ever made a major move in your life? The weather will be a little different. No big deal. There will be more people and bigger buildings. I like that. I might get homesick. That happened to me once. I tried to move when I was 20, I think. I got really sad and felt lost. I don't know if you have ever been homesick. It's almost it's own unique kind of feeling. It kind of feels like a broken heart. Hey, what a great song title! That one time I was homesick really bad. But when I did eventually move, I felt fine. That was four years later. I was 24. I think I would be fine this time. I have lived and been through a lot more since then. This is all assuming we get out of this current state of things. I don't know that picking up and moving is a good idea in the middle of a pandemic. Maybe I will meet my soulmate out there somewhere...

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